Yoga Places in KC

Yoga is a wonderful way to prepare your body for the stressors of labor and delivery. In this post, we have done research on locations in KC that offer prenatal yoga.

Doulas, Hospitals and COVID-19

In this post Brittney discusses areas where mental health of our pregnant women is being exascerbated by hospital policies during COVID-19 and ways we can help reduce postpartum mood disorders.

How To Clean Cloth Diapers

This is the second blog in the Cloth Diaper series deals with overall cleaning process of cloth diapers. This goes over my process, step by step, of how I clean my cloth diapers.

Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Not your usual Christmas gift list. Instead, give the gift of spending time doing something fun, learning and making memories with your kids that will last longer than a single toy.

What Working With Us Looks Like

Hiring a doula is an important step in your pregnancy journey. Doulas provide valuable resources so you can make educated decisions about your upcoming labor and deliver as well as emotional and physical support throughout both your pregnancy and labor. Should you decide to contact us at Rose Sparrow, here’s what you can expect.

Making Babies

Some couples have no issues making babies. They seem to get pregnant just by looking at each other. Other’s have difficulty getting pregnant. They try month after month with no results. With this in mind, lets talk about the menstrual cycle and how the cycle plays a part in getting pregnant.