Birth Doula

Birth Doula

Your Body. Your Birth. Your Choices.

Be nurtured, supported and receive expert guidance for your family during pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum time.  Birth the way you want.

Confident: Standard Package

Your labor and birth experience matters. Preparing your mind and body for the journey matters. I work with my clients using yoga, Spinning Babies, educational resources and labor practice to help them achieve the birth they are dreaming of. During my 2 visits, we set up your birth plan, discuss the various comfort measures we can use and identify what is most important to you for this birth. My clients often have questions as we dream and make plans so I send them resources from my vast list of evidence based articles, community connections and even offer books from my lending library.

Your Investment: $1,063

Irresistible: Birth Doula + Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photography

In addition to providing all the education, physical and emotional support, this package includes a full maternity session, birth photography and full newborn session. You get access to our maternity and newborn closet in our home studio. I am honored to tell the story of your pregnancy and birth.

Your Investment: $ 2,019

Empowered: Birth Doula + After Baby

Birth support is incredibly important and so is caring for yourself after having your baby. In this package I come to your home for an additional visit to specifically discuss breastfeeding. I’ll leave you with one of our coconut shea skin cream jars to help heal sore nipples, diaper rash and any other skin ailments. Before or after you have your baby, I’ll visit you and discuss belly binding and teach yo u how to use your brand new wrap.

Your Investment: $1,313

Strong: Birth Doula + Birth Photography

Birth is one of the most life changing events in our lives. We would be honored to capture those precious moments. Our main focus is to support you through your labor so images are captured while you are resting or being supported by your partner. The majority of images during your labor and birth will be during the delivery of your beautiful baby and during the hour or two after delivery.

Your Investment: $1,700

Enticing: Birth Doula + Maternity & Newborn Photography

Your body is beautiful! It is growing a tiny life you’re about to meet. We will capture your pregnancy in our in-home studio, outdoor location or in a lifestyle session in your home where you You’ve been waiting for this day for 9 months. Labor, birth and those first few days with your newborn baby quickly become a blur. The details get lost in the emotions and sleep deprivation that come with having your bay. Let us capture your story and help you never forget one of the most important days of your life.

Your Investment: $1,382

Poised: For Returning Clients

I love connecting with my clients. We build an amazing relationship that carries into the next stages of parenthood and when adding new members to the family. This is the package for you if you’re a returning client. I’m so excited to work with you again!

Your Investment: $813

Pampered: Birth Doula + Birth Photography + After Baby + Maternity & Newborn Photography

Your body is beautiful! It is growing a tiny life you’re about to meet. We will capture your pregnancy in our in-home studio, outdoor location or in a lifestyle session in your home where you have a few maternity gown options and various props to choose from. 10-14 days after the birth of your baby, you will have the choice of one of our photographers to come to your home to capture lifestyle photos of you and your baby or you can come to our in-home studio for posed newborn photos. We will capture those special first moments and little details.

Be pampered with maternity photography, a birth doula, birth photography, an after baby visit, a breastfeeding consultation, belly binding wrap and consultation, coconut shea skin cream and a newborn photography session.

Your Investment: $2,269

Our best package!

“I don’t know where to begin but thank you so much for being there for me, giving me encouraging words and helping me get through tough times. Even through I gave in to the epidural, I think that was a blessing and my body telling me I need to get one because things were not right. I don’t think I would have made it as far as I did without you there. You just knew what to do as soon as you got there and just got started right away, even with my nurses you knew what to ask for to help me which I was grateful for because I would have asked nor known what to do. I don’t think I will ever get to repay you for what you did for me during my laboring process and even after that. You gave me the birthing process I wanted to experience with Carter but never got, though it took a different route to get Miles here I wouldn’t change anything. So thank you, our family appreciates you and loves you for everything that you did. You were my angel.”

Santana Smith – Belton, MO

Birth Doula Support Includes:

  • Client Consultation via phone or zoom
  • Access to my lending library
  • Birth Planning Session (Approx 2 Hours)
  • Birth Practice Session (Approx 2 Hours)
  • Unlimited 24/7 phone support throughout pregnancy
  • Continuous on-call support throughout pregnancy
  • In-person labor and birth support
  • 1 Postpartum (after baby) follow-up visit (1-2 hours)

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Types of Birth We Support

Un-medicated birth, medicated birth, low-intervention birth, epidural birth, vaginal birth, cesarean birth, high-risk birth, low-risk birth, VBAC, home, hospital, birth center.  

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