Birth Doula

Your Body. Your Birth. Your Choices.

Knowledge is power. Let us empower you and your birth experience. Not only will you have the knowledge to make an informed decision about your choices but we’ll support you physically and emotionally through you pregnancy, labor, birth, and early postpartum time.

There is so much information about birth out there that it can be overwhelming to begin researching. Where do you start? Let us help you with that. We have evidence based information at our fingertips that we would love to share with you.

During your birth, we’ll be your ally. We’ll be there to help you through your labor. If you want an un-medicated birth, we have tricks and tips to help you manage your labor waves. After birth, we can help you begin your breastfeeding journey with latch assistance, feeding positions, and troubleshooting any difficulties you encounter.

Not sure what a doula is or the role of a doula? Learn more in this post What is a doula?

Types of Birth We Support

Natural birth, un-medicated birth, medicated birth, low-intervention birth, epidural birth, cesarean birth, high-risk birth, low-risk birth, VBAC, home, hospital, birth center.  



This package is for previous clients and we are familiar with each other. You will have a higher chance of having the birth experience you are looking for if we are able to have at least one prenatal visit to discuss your needs. New clients will receive our full birth doula services through the Confident package.

  • Continuous support during labor (in-person and virtual)

Physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner for the duration of labor and birth, to help you hold and move towards the vision you created for your baby’s birth.

  • Physical support tools

Birth ball with cover, peanut ball with cover, heating pads, rice pads, massage, diffused essential oils (upon request) and positioning suggestions

  • Immediate postpartum support (up to 2 hours after birth)

Initial breastfeeding support immediately after birth to help your baby latch on properly and encourage the establishment of breastfeeding.

  • Written record of your labor and birth

Timeline record of your labor and birth. A keepsake of one of your biggest life moments.

  • Invoice and an optional letter for reimbursement

Some FSA’s (Flexible Savings Accounts) will reimburse for Doula fees. I offer an invoice and letter to send to your account.


Package includes everything in Poised plus:

  • My Dream Birth Prenatal Visit (up to 2 hours)

A doula will meet you at your home or other location of your choosing to discuss your birthing preferences, define and understand our expectations of one another, and provide you with useful tools for labor and birth. Your doula will also discuss advocacy, both for yourself and her role, as well as practice scenarios with you.

  • Birth like a Goddess Prenatal Visit (up to 2 hours)

Your doula will meet you at your home. You will do labor practice, relaxation practice, ways your birth partner can help during labor and best exercises to prepare your body for labor.

  • Birth Plan Assistance

Help you clarify your preferences for birth and explain the options that are available to you.

  • Unlimited phone and email support

Get answers to your questions and be offered suggestions and support throughout pregnancy, early labor, and up to 3 weeks postpartum.

  • 24/7 on call from the time you hire us until your baby is born

One of your two assigned doulas will attend your birth.

  • 1 Postpartum visit within 3 weeks of birth. (up to 2 hours)

We will celebrate the birth of your baby and answer any questions you have during the early postpartum period.

Empowered – Postpartum Add-on

Our postpartum package add-on is to help prepare you for those early days, and beyond, while healing and learning to care for your baby.

  • Breastfeeding Consultation

When will my milk come in? Am I making enough? Do I need a freezer stash? How can I prepare for returning to work? Help! I’m engorged! Is my baby’s latch OK?

  • Belly Binding

1 belly wrap plus a 30 minute wrapping consultation. Your wrap can be used during pregnancy for round ligament pain and during postpartum to help with healing. You choose the time of the consultation, before or after baby arrives.

  • Coconut Shea Skin Cream – 2 oz

Use when nipples are sore, a baby has a diaper rash, you have dry, scraped, chaffed or sunburned skin. Edible and baby safe.

Strong – Photography Add-on

You’ve been waiting for this day for 9 months. Labor, birth and those first few days with your newborn baby quickly become a blur. The details get lost in the emotions and sleep deprivation that come with having your bay. Let us capture your story and help you never forget one of the most important days of your life.

  • Birth Photography

Birth is one of the most life changing events in our lives. We would be honored to capture those precious moments. Our main focus is to support you through your labor so images are captured while you are resting or being supported by your partner. The majority of images during your labor and birth will be during the delivery of your beautiful baby and during the hour or two after delivery.

*The photographer will be your birth doula taking photos in the spaces where your team is supporting you.

Compelling – Photography Add-on

  • Birth Photography

This add-on is for those who want a doula AND an additional birth photographer. Birth is one of the most life changing events in our lives. Your birth photographer will capture those special moments with your support team during labor as well as during the delivery of your beautiful baby and the hour or two after your baby is born. We would be honored to capture those precious moments.

*The photographer will be an additional person attending your birth with the sole function of acting as a photographer.

**This package add-on discounts the additional photographer by 15% when added with a birth doula package.

Irresistible – Photography Add-on

  • Maternity Photography Session

Your body is beautiful! It is growing a tiny life you’re about to meet. We will capture your pregnancy in our in-home studio, outdoor location or in a lifestyle session in your home where you have a few maternity gown options and various props to choose from.

  • Newborn Photography Session

You will have the choice of one of our photographers to come to your home to capture lifestyle photos of you and your baby or you can come to our in-home studio for posed newborn photos. We will capture those special first moments and little details.

**This package add-on discounts the photography sessions by 15% when added with a birth doula package.


(a la carte options)

  • Discuss your birthing options
  • Create your birth plan
  • 1 Doula

  • Labor practice
  • Relaxation techniques
  • What your significant other can help during labor
  • Best exercises to prepare your body for labor

  • Your choice of Lavender, Lilac or Rose
  • Use for nipples, diaper rash, dry hands or any other skin irritation
  • 2 oz container

  • Learn how to wrap your binding
  • Troubleshoot any difficulties
  • Receive an instructional handout for future reference

  • 17 yards of muslin cotton
  • Natural, Un-dyed
  • Frayed Hemmed edge

  • 17 yards of muslin cotton
  • Hand dyed
  • Frayed Hemmed edge

Second Birth Doula

  • Two doulas will attend your birth and immediate postpartum.
  • An additional back-up doula will be provided should one be required.

Our Birth Doula packages include and require

  • A free consultation with 1 Doula.
  • All packages include 1-2 Doulas during prenatal appointments and 1 Doula at your labor and birth. You may request a second doula to attend your labor and birth for an additional fee.
  • A signed contract within 1 week of your free consultation.
  • Non-refundable $250 is due at contract signing.
  • All balance fees are due by the end of 36 weeks of your pregnancy. 
  • Payment plans are available upon request.
  • Payment is accepted in cash, check, or credit card via PayPal.

Discounts Offered

  • $50 discount if payment is received in full up front.
  • $100 discount for returning doula clients with the Confident Package.